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Strippers Take Snapchat

Strippers take on Snapchat: Find the Hottest Here

It’s obvious that since Snapchat was created is taking over the world. If you thought Snapchat was becoming the PG version of porn, you are wrong. Snapchat is getting sexier and sexier by the minute; I mean even strippers are joining the Snapchat movement. Back in November, Snapchat exposed its new update, called Snapcash, which allows people to send money using an application called Square, a way to make payments. This new feature took off almost instantly for porn stars and strippers. Many strippers found this app as a new way to make some quick cash or to just advertise themselves, kind of like personal PR, for strippers. Strippers took advantage of this right away, don’t you worry. Strippers and even porn stars take pictures or videos of themselves naked for a low price of only $1 dollar or up hundreds of dollars for personalized sex shows right on your iPhone.

Look no further because you just hit stripper jackpot. Here is a list of strippers you need to follow right now.


This sexy snap chatter will show your dirty mind just what you want to see. She will tell her followers when she will be live and nude on her account so that people can tune in for a special show. Mirror usually takes pictures in the mirror so you can see this babes full figure. She is very interactive with her followers so you may even get a personal snap. This hottie does not prefer Snapcash, so if you’re on a budget this is your perfect girl.


Mandysnaps is a babe on Snapchat. She has a smoking body and knows just what angles every guy or hey, even girl is looking for.  Mandy enjoys morning workouts where she will tell you exactly what kind of moves she likes to warm up with along with her hour workout filmed live following. This cutie will show you what you want to see just send her a personal Snapchat and she promises to get back to you. She posts frequently and with high quality, and if there is anyone on the list you add at all, it should be Mandysnaps.


This Australian babe posts really hot nude pics. If you can’t tell by her username, this gal loves kitties. You can count on her for posting multiple snaps a day that will include her cats. This crazy kitty even has kitty accessories, my favorite one being her kitty keychain on her keys. She loves selfies, toys and all things naughty. Since Kittywhite12 travels often you get to go along with her for the ride via Snapchat. She highlights main shows she will strip for, so don’t miss out on following this cutie. You can also find her dressing up in sexy lingerie for fun, and then take it off for her snapchat sex followers.


This yoga instructor wants to show you just how flexible she really is. This flexible female has a fitness wardrobe that any girl would dream of. From Nike to free balance to fabletics, this chick has it all. A fitness guru and true foodie, you will not only be inspired by this Snapchat account but also turned on. YogiStripps also loves lulu lemon and often does reviews on their athletic clothing and what she does and doesn’t like about all the different kinds of fits. Tune into the channel to find the newest yoga pose that will bring ultimate zen into your life. She offers daily poses and naked tips on how to control your breathing. This gym rat is a master at the downward dog.


Tits ass and more tits, this UK entertainer whose account is worth a follow will take you behind the scenes of her and all her stripper friends. You will learn the entire lingo that they use when they are on the job stripping as well as how much time goes into the job. This beautiful girl has a makeup supply worth thousands and she often films herself doing her own makeup, sometimes even naked. Not only will you find some bangin nudes but you will also get a sneak peak of her lavish life of partying and bad decisions. Sophie posts nude videos and photos to her story daily, and is very active via social media.


Kate works in Las Vegas and her feed is made of her dressing room selfies, loads of stripper tips and dog pictures. Not only do you get a sneak pic of this gals everyday life but you also get to see the nightlife in Vegas from your phone without partaking in all the partying and lavish lifestyle. This coffee addict will snap you each time she goes to Starbucks, sometimes even more than once a day. All the caffeine has this one rattled up because she is always snap chatting and adding new photos to her story all day. She posts multiple times per day, often having 300 seconds on her story or more… but none of us are mad, because boobs.