How to Take the hottest snapchats

With over 200 million Snapchat accounts, the race to be the hottest Snapchatter is now on. Here a list of MUST’s in order to make the cut.

It is all about the angle:

No matter what, never send a double chin pic. It just isn’t a thing. I mean it is a thing to your BFFs- but to your crush, hell no. You gotta look good, and by good I mean you make sure you have the perfect angle. You know that angle that you take from above, so you look up at the camera, eliminating any chance of a double chin…well that’s the angle I am talking about. I repeat, that awful double chin picture, yeah, only send that to your best friend since kindergarten. Imagine this: you send your what you think of cute double chin pic to your guy friend, who then screen shots it, who then shows his whole fraternity, yup… you’re now on blast. Not to mention, the fraternity brother who got shown the pic, yeah you peed his bed last formal. I hope you get the picture, don’t send a double chin pic. Lauren Conrad will even tell you, “I just always like my chin down, No double chin action.” If you absolutely NEED to send out an ugly photo of you (for whatever reason) some safe options are sticking your tongue out or sticking your bottom teeth out farther than you upper teeth. Yeah, buck teeth are not a thing either.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting:

You know when your makeup looks on point, but you can’t get your perfect selfie to snap to all your friends letting them know you’re getting drunk tonight? Yeah the lighting probably sucks. Don’t be embarrassed to turn a whole 360 degrees to find the perfect lighting because everyone does it. And if you haven’t, you’ve at least turned 180 degrees. Lighting is crucial; you can even make cheekbones appear on your face that has chubby cheeks. You know that color that’s not black and white but very saturated, making you look almost tan but not too distorted, yeah that’s the lighting you want. The lighting will make or break your selfie, I promise.  Even Kim Kardashian says, “Lighting is everything.”


Relax girls; we know your face isn’t that clear. You are probably familiar with the phrase “I woke up like this;” well honey, no you did not.  Snapchat filters are too huge of a thing. Not only can you capture the best lighting but you can also swipe left to see what filter you look best in before sending your snap out to all your side baes. Snapchat will even let you filter your photo by putting your location so people know just where you are. However, guys are over the filters girls, just so you know…. they think they are weird. They know what you look like, so why try and hide it behind a weirdly colored edit.

It’s all about the lead:

Make sure you don’t overdo it. If you’re trying to send a hot Snapchat, make sure you send something a little less naughty first. A lot of times, people are snapping on others phones, and that could be crucial to sending your hottest Snapchat for the right viewer. Let’s be real, who wants their ex’s mom opening a snapchat of your tits? Probably no one. Send your first snap being cute and innocent, and then wait for the reply. Yes, waiting is the hardest part but I can assure you it will be better than his mom calling your mom.

So you’re waiting…. and then finally your phone lights up. You immediately unlock your phone (or you’re that weirdo who doesn’t like to open snaps right away cause you think it is weird) and see his response that will either annoy you or want to make you finally send your ex that slutty Snapchat pic and show him what he is missing. If I were you, just send the Snapchat, it’s gone in 10 seconds anyways.

Be confident:

Not only should you be confident in your Snapchats, but also if it’s your hottest Snapchat, you better look damn confident. Confidence is key; not only in the real world, but also in the Snapchat world. When you want to show your booty off, show it off! However, with confidence comes class, so make sure you keep that in mind. When you’re sending your hottest Snapchat out, be confident in who is going to view it. Make sure to not send it to your old best friend who will then show your current boyfriend because then your boyfriend will most likely break up with you. And you will be sad. Be confident in taking selfies because there’s no pressure. They are an instant confidence boost in almost any situation. Headed to work? Selfie. Did your makeup perfectly? Selfie. Procrastinating something? Selfie. Everyone has their preferred Snapchat spot. You need to search for yours.

Check your surroundings:

Who wants to see your disgusting room filled with weird girly things? No one. And by weird girly things, I mean girls can keep some weird shit. We have tampons in random places for when we need, we have underwear that accidently got stuck under our beds. To say the least it can get weird. Make sure your hottest Snapchat is tampon-less and only consists of you and your hotness. If you’re taking your picture in the mirror make sure your mirror doesn’t have “420 Friendly” or weed stickers all over it. Some people don’t like weed and will be immediately turned off by your hot Snapchat. Not only check your surroundings but check yourself. If you’re sending a close up photo, your eyebrows better be done, because if they are not, well, you’re Snapchat has no chance of being hot whatsoever.

Now that I have given you knowledge that will basically get you nothing in return besides maybe a few dick pics, enjoy. You now have the greatest tips on how to take your hottest selfie. Get out there and snap away! With these tips you will be the hottest snapchatter of all time.